Magical time in the Sound Temple


Crossing the threshold of the Sound Temple, we invite you to the space of high vibrations at every level, sound, water, food, body, talks, nature. Sound Temple offers a variety of ways to increase the energy of vibration for those who know,  those who feel, and for those who sense. 

High vibrations support transformations

We invite you for a journey to yourself. Contact with nature is here too. To stay in a place where conversations are enjoying soul and silence ….. ….. the silence and the sounds visit dimensions and heal heal heal.

We cook using the magic of love so that food turns to medicine naturaly. You start the day in any of you favorite way of meditation, walking, swimming in the lake, exercise. Drinking spring water and herbs, for those who want coffee 5 changes. Two meals a day: the first circle at 11, the second wheel 17 hours, and in the meantime squeezed juice, herbs and fruits. For volunteers individual sound massage (extra), or Sound Ceremony If you gather a group of at least 4 people.

Staying overnight – minimum donation 50zł

veg meals, herbs, fruit – minimum donation 50zł

Ceremona Sound – minimum donation 50zł

further individual sound massage between gongs, also possible for couples (minimum donation 250 PLN)

You can come for a day, a weekend, or longer. Individual arangements.