Sound Temple

PLACE WHERE SOUND, ART AND NATURE CHANGE ALL1185024_10151895777531754_2063088648_n

Gong of Love and Peace stands majestically in the center of the temple. High energy space and sound ceremonies that we conduct regularly affect powerful change in everyone who visits this place, resulting in acceleration of the transformation. We also support these processes  with herbs, healthy organic food, drinking pure water, dance, work on the soul level (family constelation), and of course swim ina wonderful and clear lake. As the weather allows it from April to December we can sail together.dsc08201



318883_10151114232106754_1693278420_n-768x511Joana &Huzy with their many years of experience and practice create conditions so healing can happen on every level.

Art, shamanism and nature permeate each other here.

Sound Temple  is also open as a place to conduct workshops by others.