Navigatorgong music is a Sound Ceremony, spiritual feast, shamanic journey that takes you wherever your heart and soul desires or needs to fly. Return to the source, to the roots, to the light. The combination of ancient instruments from around the world and voice with an innovative approach creates Cosmic Symphonies, escaping all attempts of mental classification . It must experienced. A therapeutic effect. Besides the high artistic qualities, music of Navigator has a therapeutic effect. Participation in Sound Ceremony reduces the deep layers of stress and energy blockages, which is the first step to healing on every level. Supports the processes of transformation, rising vibration, and expansion of consciousness. During the concert, by slowing down of brain waves, all the participants enter into a state of deep meditation, which allows you to have inner view. On the physical level all the cells in your body are “massaged” energized with vibrations of the appropriate frequency which enables a process of self-healing. Navigatorgong sounding in natural frequencies, restores harmony and helps to anchor it in our reality. In addition to giant Gong of Love and Peace, which was forged in this intention for special order, we experience the sounds of Tibetan singing bowls, drums, flutes, didgeridoo, tampury, zithers and above all the voice. The most organic instrument Robert Usewicz – Huzy – artist, musician, medicine man, a man of the Renaissance. Activator of sacred sound codes for this time.
From the age of eight he knew that his way is the way of sound. He experimented with different sounds and genres of music, and studied the effects of sound on the human body. He was looking for himself. Trained as a classical musician, with many years of experience in electronic music, pop and rock music as a composer, producer and sound engineer. He also has his credit a number of hours of music for film, TV and stage plays. And that way that has never been his goal leads him to meeting a brilliant artist and visionary, who introduces him to the world of Gong and Sacred Sounds. And this is the turning point in his life, and this divine adventure continues … and summing it’s forty years of work with sound (and creative output is too large to describe it here). His warmth, fire, and his knowledge of sound permeate all who stand in his way.