cropped-13405305_1901946683365759_951543267_o.jpgJoana Jordan – Guardian of the sacred whale song codes, offering Vision Quest in the Temple of the Whale, brings the signature of your soul to the body. Medicine woman.

From an early age rebellious, walking her own path. Woman wolf, medicine woman, holding away from the mainstream, mother of three children. The main thing for her was to be the Mother who is present, and in the meantime painted images of the soul, designed the interior, which gave people a sense of harmony. With time, she discovered  a healer in her, where the closest one is the Siberian shamanism. For many years getting signals of the insight and effectiveness. Called by many Mother Earth.

Robert Usewicz – Huzy. Activator of sacred sound codes for this time.

from an early age experimented with different sounds and genres of music, and studied the effects of sound on the human body. Trained as a classical musician, with many years of experience in the wider pop music, as a composer, producer and sound engineer. He also has to his credit a number of hours of music for film, TV and stage plays. And that way that has never been his goal leaded him to meeting brilliant artist and a visionary who introduced Huzy to the world of Gong and Sacred Sounds. And this is the turning point in his life, and this divine adventure continues … and summing it’s forty years of work with sound (and creative output is too large to describe it here). His warmth, fire, and his knowledge of sound permeate all who stand in his way.23867_10151228167260902_1763376923_n